Cost effective industrial training and consulting services.
Industrial Training and Consulting

We offer various customized industrial trainings and consulting services such as Software Training, Design/Modeling Project, Jump Start Project (JSP) and Pilot Consulting Project. 

Design/Modeling Project
is based on the scope of design/modeling work. Our consultants will work on man-days to complete the design/modeling work.

Jump Start Project (JSP) is designated to kick start a project with step by step coaching.  We will help end users to build the 1st model base on real case environment and deliver the customized training with interactive technical discussion and hand-on exercises.  End users will expand the model with more details later.  We offer continuous technical supports on each project.  Typical cost effective JSP will take from 10~15 man-days.  End user may subscribe pilot consulting service as when it needs.

Pilot Consulting Project (PCP) is based on the scope of requirements in one project. Our consultants will help to establish the objectives and requirements.  We will work on adequate man-days to deliver the project in time with customized training and implementation. 

Scope of Applications:
1) Pipe Flow Analysis (Steady State + Transient)
2) Pipe Stress Analysis
3) HVAC Loads Design and Build Solutions
4) Heat Transfer Analysis and Modeling

Partial List of Job References:
  • Technip Malaysia: Pipe stress analysis for East Area Nigeria Offshore Platform and pipe surge analysis for GRP fire water network
  • Ameron Singapore: Pipe surge analysis for GRP piping for CETOC project and Bohai FPSO Project.
  • PPL Shipyard Singapore: Pipe stress analysis for Mud Piping System for SANTA FE Rig.
  • Dynamac Singapore: WRC 107 Nozzle Load Calculation for pressure vessel on FPSO module.
  • Mcdermoot Singapore: Pressure surge analysis for Myanmar Exploration and Production Platform.
  • Bechtel Singapore: Pipe stress analysis for BASF project at Kuantan, M'sia.
  • Ionics Asia Pacific Singapore: Ionics preparing hydraulic analysis for DI water distribution systems located at “Biopolis” biotech research center.
  • Confidential Client Singapore:  Performed two water hammer analysis for two separate clients.  One analysis was determine surge characteristics due to reverse flow through a piping system upon a pump stop with a check preventing reverse flow.  Second analysis evaluated water hammer characteristics due to the sudden closure of system valves.  This latter analysis examined both steady state and transient analysis of the system.

Engineering Products:
  • Exhausted Chemical Collection System - Single Drum Models Automatic & Manual Drain Systems (Model EE-01-M)

  • Exhausted Enclosures - Single and Dual Drum Models Automatic & Manual Drum Change Over (Model EE-02-A)

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