Advance Software Solutions Centre Pte Ltd (ASSC) was established in 2003 with the objective of supplying cutting edge computer-aided engineering software applications, trainings and consultancy. We specialize in Pipe Flow Analysis & Systems Design, Pipe Stress, HVAC Solutions, Predictive Simulation,  Motion Simulation, Educational Teaching Solutions, and Industrial Training/Consulting. 

ASSC consists of experienced professionals who have been in the similar technological solutions for many years. Today ASSC is at rapid growth with more than 50 companies who have been choosing our services and products in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. ASSC continues to improve services and products for end users. Our business partners include Applied Flow Technology (USA), PipingSolutions Inc (USA), HVAC Solution Inc (USA), ProModel Corporation, and Design Simulation Technologies Inc (USA) who have established thousands of end users worldwide.

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