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Thermal Analysis and Modeling Solutions
ThermoAnalytics is proud to offer the following thermal analysis and modeling software products. All heat transfer analysis software from ThermoAnalytics is based on a core thermal solver with state-of-the-art speed and precision. The programs feature cross-platform compatibility and integrated Set-up, Solution, and Post-Processing capabilities.


RadTherm is full-featured, cross-platform, heat transfer analysis software for system-level CAE applications. RadTherm utilizes a state-of-the-art Radiation Module and an extremely user friendly Graphical User Interface to set up boundary conditions for multi-mode heat transfer: multibounce radiation, conduction and convection with one-dimensional fluid flow. RadTherm has no limit to heat transfer model resolution: model size is limited only by available system resources. Customers report modeling systems of several million thermal nodes. Heat transfer boundary conditions for natural environments are easily imported from weather files and solar loads predicted from RadTherm's built-in solar model or applied from measurements. Examples of RadTherm applications would be complete vehicular systems, aerospace systems, electronic instrument panels, architectural solar analysis, and complex process heating schemes.


WinTherm Pro 
WinTherm Pro puts system-level modeling power into a small budget. WinTherm Pro delivers complete heat transfer analysis with resolution up to 64,000 thermal nodes (typically 32,000 mesh elements). WinTherm Pro users can easily upgrade to RadTherm without additional training.


WinTherm Standard
WinTherm is designed for component-level modeling and simulation and provides the user with a complete solution to heat transfer analysis for models up to 20,000 thermal nodes (typically 10,000 mesh elements). WinTherm runs under Windows and UNIX and allows users from any engineering background (thermal or other) to analyze their thermal components quickly and accurately. The intuitive arrangement of the user interface permits both novice and expert users to setup and analyze heat transfer problems with minimum input. Examples of WinTherm applications would be electronics enclosures, fluid tanks, or oven systems. Analysis of heat transfer management techniques can be explored, such as insulated heat shields, cooling with fans, heatsinks or surface treatments.


WinTherm Lite 
WinTherm Lite brings the power of high speed heat transfer modeling within the reach of small firms. Like our other thermal modeling codes, WinTherm Lite computes radiation, conduction, and convection, but WinTherm Lite is limited to heat transfer models with less than 2,500 thermal nodes (typically 1,250 mesh elements). Because the Graphical User Interface is nearly identical to our more powerful software, model setup is rapid and WinTherm Lite users can easily upgrade to WinTherm or RadTherm without additional training.


ViewTherm is a free viewer which allows the user to post-process/view RadTherm or WinTherm files. ViewTherm can be downloaded from our Downloads Area. ViewTherm does not perform any analysis: it is used to view the results from RadTherm or WinTherm.



RadThermIR (MuSES) software provides integrated heat transfer analysis and infrared signature prediction, including flat shaded bidirectional reflection (BRDF) rendering of radiosity. Users can explore thermal designs that will reduce the IR signature of their system against realistic uniform or faceted backgrounds. By integrating heat transfer analysis with apparent thermal signature prediction, overall system performance can be enhanced early in the development cycle. RadThermIR (MuSES) is the standard IR Signature prediction code of many divisions of the US Military, and is widely used by US defense contractors.


RadTherm/RT is an enhanced version of our RadTherm software for the purpose of predicting terrain temperatures, including roads and highways. TAI developed the software in conjunction with Montana State University. RadTherm/RT predicts and graphically displays road and surrounding terrain temperatures. Heat transfer inputs into the software include a digital 3d-faceted terrain representation, spatial meteorological data, and scenario (time/location) information.


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